em O. Professor Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. Antonius A.F. Kettrup

Rumbecker Höhe 10

D-59821 Arnsberg

Tel./Fax: 0049-2931-10403  E-Mail: email@professor-kettrup.de

Present Activities

Consultant for Environmental Engineering, Industrial Management and Industrial Hygiene (Government Authorities, Companies)


* Consultant Analytica Worldwide for the “Internationale Messe und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH (IMAG)” Munich, Germany

* Advisory Board of the “Swiss National Fond (SNF)” for the ESTROM-Activities in Bern/Switzerland

* Advisory Board of the Province Emilia Romagna for Waste Incineration at Bologna/Italy

* Advsiory Board of the “Center of Excellence in Medicine and Information Technology Ltd.” at Innsbruck/Austria

* Board of New Chemphy Chemicals Ltd. in Dalian /PR China

* Advisory Board of the EU-BUMA project at Kozani/Greece